King Cocktail Presentations

A notorious raconteur, storyteller, and saloon singer, DeGroff’s cocktail presentations have been featured on cruise lines, cocktail festivals, trade shows and corporate events around the country. He has given performances in over 100 cities here in the US and overseas. For information about private or corporate presentations, Contact Us.

Here’s a sample of his most popular productions:

I’ll Take Manhattans: The History and Origins of Aromatic Bitters

A lively tasting and presentation on the origins and history of aromatic bitters. Learn about key botanicals and spices found in bitters and participate in a tasting of five different types of bitters, first on their own, then paired with a Rye Manhattan. The tasting provides an opportunity to experience flavor profiles of a variety of styles of aromatic bitters, while exploring the history of how these botanicals were discovered and helped shape history. Following the presentation guests will enjoy Manhattans and hors d'oeuvres at the bar.

The Evolution of the Martini

Taste Your Way Through the Evolution of the drink that became an Icon: The Dry Martini The man who brought back the classic cocktail at the world-famous Rainbow Room will tell the story of the most iconic cocktail of all time, a drink that spurred a revolution that would forever change the bar and restaurant industry. Learn about the history, culture and evolution of the cocktail as well as technique, glassware, tools and ice for both bar and home martini making. For professional bartenders as well as home bartender enthusiasts.

Whiskey, Gamblers & Flying Horses

Join James Beard Award-Winning Mixologist and Author, Dale DeGroff for a Runyonesque romp through the world of whiskey and thoroughbred racing. Meet the players, plungers, and steeds who forever changed the Sport of Kings. Discover the best whiskey drinks through the ages as we celebrate the rich heritage of Bourbon Whiskey and the entrepreneurs who pioneered this great American spirit.

On the Town: Bars, Speaks, & Legendary Saloons!

Join DALE DEGROFF for an evening of stories, cocktails and songs from legendary watering holes and his forty years behind the bar. DeGroff explores saloon life in America from colonial times through Prohibition and into the present day, revealing the colorful history and the antics that drove this amazing phenomenon. Masterful story-telling, crafted cocktails from by-gone eras, and tunes from the Great American Songbook make for an unforgettable evening! Includes four sample drinks.

"Through monologue, song, and masterfully crafted cocktails, DeGroff takes you through 300 years of mixology, from the Colonial punch to the dark days of Prohibition to the glory of vintage cocktails. I was completely captivated!" — Steve Raichlen, Primal Grill

Art, Books & Cocktails at Stage Left Steak in New Brunswick

The New Craft of The Cocktail is a handsome masterpiece by Dale DeGroff, the man who started it all, an essential read for anyone who cares about bar culture and cocktails. Saloon Artist Jill DeGroff has captured the modern cocktail era and owning one of her originals has become a must among the cocktail cognoscenti. We have been honored to show her work since pre-pandemic times. Her works sell so fast, we have to delay delivery on sales until the end of each show to keep something on the walls. We will walk Jill's work around the room, while guests remain seated (Covid compliant) and offer limited edition signed archival prints of a special piece she did in tribute to the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center and Stage Left Steak in pandemic times. There will also be a panel discussion about Dale's new book, Jill's work and stories from bars around the world plus a book signing. Specialty cocktails and hors d' oervres will be served.