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Bars, Speaks & Legendary Saloons!

Join award-winning mixologist and author, DALE DEGROFF for an evening of stories, cocktails and songs from legendary watering holes and his forty years behind the bar. From Prohibition through modern times, DeGroff explores the colorful history of the cocktail and the antics that drove this amazing phenomenon. Masterful story-telling, crafted cocktails from by-gone eras, and tunes from the Great American Songbook make for an unforgettable evening!

"Through monologue, song, and masterfully crafted cocktails, DeGroff takes you through 300 years of mixology, from the Colonial punch to the dark days of Prohibition to the glory of vintage cocktails. I was completely captivated!" ...Steve Raichlen, Primal Grill

"Bartenders have found their lore keeper in Dale DeGroff... he is 3 parts Stork Club, 2 parts Las Vegas, and 1 part scholar of the trade.” -...Alan Feuer, New York Times