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Quotes about Dale

“Much of the credit for building a cocktail the old-fashioned way must go to Dale DeGroff, who pioneered the revival of the Professor Jerry Thomas approach in the mid 1980's at the Aurora, and most memorably at the Promenade Bar at the Rainbow Room” — William Grimes, New York Times
"Dale DeGroff is the Oracle, the Yoda, the Walking Buddha of mixology... if you're having an argument about how to make a particular cocktail, whoever quotes DeGroff wins." — Anthony Bourdain
“If bartenders have yet to discover their great writer, they may have found their lore keeper in Dale DeGroff... he is three parts Stork Club, two parts Las Vegas and one part scholar of the trade.” — Alan Feuer, New York Times
“Having enjoyed a drink during his 12-year tenure tending bar has become the “I was at Woodstock” of today’s craft-cocktail era.” — Robert Simonson, New York Times