"...it's easy to appreciate mixology as an art form. But artist Jill DeGroff—cocktail king Dale DeGroff's better half goes a step further. Like cartoonist Al Hirschfeld, who famously sketched Jazz Age barflies, DeGroff's bright, playful portraits represent the latter-day cocktail scene's most colorful characters."
--- Time Out New York

Jill DeGroff is an itinerant artist who has made the street and cafes her studio, portraying bartenders, musicians, writers, and the colorful characters of Cafe Society around the world. Her caricatures of luminaries from the bar and spirits world have appeared in numerous trade publications and gained her a large following in the beverage industry. Jill's book, LUSH LIFE; Portraits from the Bar is a collection of memorable characters drawn in bars over the years and the extraordinary tales they shared.

Jill lives in New York with her husband, James Beard award-winning mixologist and author, Dale DeGroff, whom she credits for getting her started on this exciting journey.


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