Some say the difference between a gourmet chef and a plain old cook is the expertise with which he uses his knives. The same can be said about bartenders; cutting edge mixologists are just as serious about the quality of the tools contained in their bar kit

In the past I have advocated the stainless steel jigger,along with the standard stainless steel strainers that are widely available. I still maintain that they serve their purpose very well. Recently however, I have been introduced to Uber Bar tools and I'm finding they are slowly replacing my old standbys.

Uber Bar tools are made from high quality heavy guage stainless steel and are nearly indestructible. Their elegant design features add beauty to the drink presentation while not interfering with easy, smooth functionality.

The pour spots are uniquely designed so that the pourer unscrews from the neck apparatus, allowing you to soak overnite for cleaning, and the cork part that fits into the neck of the bottle has a snap-in lid to protect against fruit flies, a great innovation I have not seen before. I recommend visiting:

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