LOREN KOREVEC entertained guests at Elaine’s for over fifteen years.

“It was around 1999 and Kurt Streit, the great Mozart tenor with the Metropolitan Opera, was throwing a lavish 40th birthday party for himself. The guests included about a hundred of the greatest voices on the planet. It wasn’t going very well. I was politely playing the cocktail hour. The agent had brought in a balloon twisting guy, a magician, a caricaturist, and... are you ready–... a lap dancer! A freakin’ lap dancer! This wasn’t exactly a Shriner’s convention. People had flown in from Europe for this event. Lap dance woman was getting drunk and moody because nobody wanted to play. The whole party was beginning to go South. I could hear people in British accents, etc. musing about the unfortunate situation. How could it get worse... It could.

Enter the 70 year old Marilyn Monroe impersonator to climb onto Kurt’s horrified lap to sing Happy Birthday ala JFK. At this point dinner is announced, so everybody repairs to the next room. Thank God. As they took their seats, hearing all the British accents I launched into The Hipppotamus Song by Flanders and Swann of English Music Hall fame. Suddenly a choir of the most unimaginably gorgeous voices rose out of the din to join me in the chorus. Thus began the party.
For the rest of the evening I accompanied one great voice after another, well into the wee hours. From Renee Fleming singing arias and Beatle songs, to Kurt himself singing Paul Simon songs, and Wagner, to Placido singing Richard Rogers. After the party was over, I looked everywhere for the lap dancer, but she was long gone...almost a perfect night!”
--Loren Korevec