Miguel has been working in the hospitality and design industry for most of his life, since owning his first place, Global 33, to designing Stephan Starr's Continental Martini Bar. His father, Wilfredo Calvo Bono, was an architect in Cuba who having refused to join the Communist party, had to work in the fields cutting sugar cane for two years. Finally permission was granted for him to leave the country. At the time his mother was seven months pregnant so in order to board the plane, she needed to wrap herself in a girdle to hide her belly. Soon afterwards Miguel was born prematurely. His parents immediately sought refuge with his "Auntie Doctura" a doctor who lived in Madrid. She took them in and there they lived for several years. His dad, having no other means of support, began to make paintings to sell on the street. He painted one thing - and hundreds of them: Mushrooms! -every single species that had ever been categorized, lovingly rendered from a scientific volume he had procured. The paintings were small enough to fit in a suitcase so tourists loved them and they sold well. By the time Miguel turned seven, they moved to Ohio, where his dad worked as an architect for many years.

It is not surprising that from such a creative and adventurous father came a son who continues to expand the medium in creative new ways. One of Miguel's recent projects was to work with the Wayu Indians in Columbia to develop designs for a furniture store