Bucci’s Restaurant, Emoryville,

“Every Saturday morning at about five of seven, Charlie would tap on the locked door of the Insquare Mens Bar with a quarter, ready for his 7:00 AM eye opener. He also liked to watch wrestling. He’d be the only guy at the bar, and I’d be there working. I began to notice that as the action mounted and the drama increased, Charlie would start rocking on the bar stool, muttering and grunting, then his tongue would start coming out of his mouth. He was a very strange man.
One day, Charlie started telling me about his youth. He told me he used to be a bootlegger and some guy had tried to cut into his territory. He knew exactly where and when the guy was going to make the drop. The guy was expected to come inside the house and walk under the stairwell, where there was a little doorway where Charlie was hiding... Meanwhile, as Charlie is recounting this story and getting to the part where he is about to confront his rival, he starts rocking back and forth on his bar stool, and his tongue starts coming out of his mouth– the same response as the wrestling thing, and I’m thinking; Oh my God, what’ve I got myself into, and there’s Charlie muttering: ‘I fixed him good... fixed him real good!’”