“When I was 25, I came for a visit with my boyfriend in New York. He was trying to convince me to move here from Los Angeles. We hit Sweet Rhythm, the Blue Note, 55 bar, Village Vanguard, and finally ended up at the Zinc Bar - walked down the black stairway, and the doorman pulled back the velvet curtain to reveal a dark, intimate bar. A singer was singing Brazilian standards with her band, the crowd was joyous and attentive. It was suggested I order a Mojito, so I did– after one sip, I understood why! Across the smoky room I could see a doorway beyond the stage, which I was told, led to a back room, which was ‘the hang on Monday nights’.
When I finally decided to move to New York, I remembered those words and ventured to Zinc Bar on a Monday night. After sitting in on a session, they asked me to be part of the monday night vocal series. I met so many musicians whom I now play with regularly and are dear friends.It's that kind of place– you’ll always see a familiar face and hear great music– there is an energy and community unlike any other, which I am forever thankful for.”