Absentheur, author:
Absinthe: The Sip of Seduction

“For years I avidly searched for vintage French Absinthe. All of the old collectors in France would whisper with a sly smile that they had a few bottles hoarded away, but none to sell. I felt left out, excluded, like I missed the train to Absinthe Neverland. Then, long after I'd given up hope, I was in an antique shop in France when the owner offered me a faded poster depicting a bottle on a table with a glass. I sighed and said, ‘No, thank you, but I wish I had that bottle in the poster.’ The man motioned for me to wait and strolled over to a closet, explaining that he had recently acquired some absinthe in an estate sale and perhaps had one last remaining bottle of the treasured elixir. Out came a full, sealed bottle of vintage absinthe! I was ecstatic. My quest was over. Indeed, the green faery was alive and well, and quietly sipping her famed brew.”