Musician, band leader

"In 1990, a friend invited me to join him in Paris for a few months and join his band. I had built a reputation in New York, and knew I'd be throwing it away if I left town. It was a tough decision, but the heart always knows– carpe diem: seize the day! I left for Paris that August intendingto stay three months, but ended up staying a year, just me, my clarinet, and my sax. I traveled at night and slept on trains, stayed in youth hostels, made my living playing on the streets. I met a lot of people, got arrested a few times, and found out the hard way that ‘busking’ is illegal in some places. In Florence, the police threatened to confiscate my sax... ‘You feeneesha now ora we taka da pipe away.’ One cop locked me in a cell and wouldn't let me out until I played Sidney Bechet’s Petite Fleur for him.”

By Jacky Patterson

1.5 oz. Don Julio Blanco
.75 oz. Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur
.50 oz. Kabinett Riesling

Stir with ice until properly chilled, strain into a small cocktail glass and garnish with a fresh cut grapefruit zest.