Saloon Artist, Jill DeGroff

Saloon Artist Jill DeGroff portrays bartenders, musicians, writers, artists, gypsies, and other colorful characters she encounters in bars and cafes around the world. Drawing inspiration from the dark world of Otto Dix's Weimar Republic, her uncanny renditions vibrate with soul and character.
" I look for interesting faces and powerful personalities- because their spirits will always fight their way to my page- I'm just the go between."

Inspired by Al Hirschfeld's 1932 speakeasy sketchbook, DeGroff set out to document the new 21st century speak easies and bars. Her book "Lush Life, Portraits from the Bar" is a unique anthology that captures the heart and soul of today's cafe society. Bartenders, musicians, writers, journalists, chefs, and other barflies share their best stories, served with a cocktail, and a splash of barroom wisdom.

SOLD OUT / out of print