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Create the “magic seal” between the metal and glass portions of the Boston Shaker, and learn how to gracefully break the seal after shaking.
DeGroff demonstrates the technique of his signature flaming of lemon and orange zests.
Shaking a cocktail properly to create an icy, lively and effervescent drink with the correct amount of dilution.
Learn how to handle a cocktail spoon with style and finesse for all your stirred drinks.

MIXOLOGY: Making Great Cocktails introduces you to the tools, techniques and methods used to prepare gourmet classic cocktails, with demonstrations on how to make great classics like the Whiskey Sour, Dry Martini, Whiskey Punch, Hemingway Daiquiri, and Caipirinha, plus new creations like the Whiskey Peach Smash, Singapore Sling, and Millennium Cocktails. DeGroff also explains how to implement, maintain and train staff for a classic cocktail program at your bar.

LIQUID ASSETS: Beverage Training Course is an invaluable training resource for bartenders, managers and owners interested in achieving a high level of excellence in their beverage programs. It is also an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys the simple pleasures of a well-made cocktail at home.