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Kay Olsen

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Original recipe by Dale DeGroff

1 oz. Bacardi 8 year old
1/4 oz. Martini & Rossi Dry Vermouth 1/4 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
3/4 oz. Velvet Falernum
1 oz. Pineapple Juice

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled double cocktail glass. Decorate with a pineapple wedge and lime peel garnish.

"Falernum is a complex ingredient in its own right. King Cocktail broke some new ground when he used it in his gin-based drink, the Lichee Cocktail, which won a silver cup at the Bacardi Grand Prix competition.
Gary Reagan,
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Last Spring, Master Mixologist Dale DeGroff joined forces with the national importer, The Spirit of Hartford, LLC to introduce Velvet Falernum, an exciting and original ingredient used for flavoring exotic rum drinks such as Rum Punches, Rum Swizzles and the popular Barbados drink; Corn 'n Oil.

Dale has created many new drinks using Velvet Falernum including the
Velvet Breeze
, with orange vodka, bitters and orange juice, and the winner of last year's Bacardi Grand Prix cocktail competition; the Prestige Cocktail, with aged rum, dry vermouth, lime juice and pineapple juice.
"Not only is Velvet Falernum a great mixer with Rum, it's a perfect ingredient in almost any cocktail, as it mixes easily with rum, gin, vodka and even bourbon", says DeGroff.

This slightly alcoholic sugar cane based liqueur is a staple of every Bajan's bar. Its special taste comes from a refined infusion of lime laced with fine cane syrup and botanicals, including almonds and cloves. Velvet Falernum provides layers of flavor without getting too esoteric with ingredients. Recipes as well as upcoming events featuring Dale DeGroff and Velvet Falernum will be posted at www.Kingcocktail.com and at www.velvetfalernum.com.

VELVET FALERNUM is produced in Barbados and imported into the United States by The Spirit of Hartford, LLC, Hartford, CT. For additional information, contact Dolores Jones or Kay Olsen at 860-404-1776 or fax 860-404-1777.

Introducing... VELVET FALERNUM